ERP service provider: which ERP integrator for my activity?

Cody McClure

Whether you are an external consultant or a business decision maker, you understand the difficulty of finding the ERP integrator that will perfectly meet your needs. We provide you with some ideas to compose the "specifications" that will help you find THE right integrator.  

The specifications as the only starting point

ERP specifications

You can't imagine what an ERP can do for you... Indeed, a company wishing to deploy an ERP to digitize its business management does not necessarily know all the possible functionalities of the solution.

However, apart from the needs expressed by a company in its specifications, additional or different services can greatly improve the organization's processes, or not. This is where the intervention of an ERP integrator has a major interest.

He must be able to challenge your specifications, sort out the requests that may have been made (not all of them may be essential to get started), etc.

Experiences in your sector of activity

When an integrator has extensive experience in your field of activity and in companies of similar size to yours, the service provider will be able to support you with precision and efficiency in the deployment of ERP.

Indeed, an integrator who has only operated in very small companies will have difficulty measuring the impacts of a deployment in a larger company, for example. To ensure that the integrator has experience that could be assimilated to your case, do not hesitate to consult the websites of ERP integrators.

Some providers share customer feedback that could help you plan ahead. And of course, ask them directly for customer testimonials or even references to call, it's still the easiest way.

ERP all setor of activity

A quickly operational organization

ERP and operational organization

Do you want to direct your company towards greater agility? Use an agile ERP integrator!

What could be better than a service provider that already has this mode of operation, to install agile processes within your organization? In addition, an IT service provider is not only technicians, but also consultants who support you in the deployment of software aimed at operational excellence.

To this end, your service provider must be able to understand your needs and then be proactive in implementing the management software. An integrator must help you exceed your objectives.

An ERP specialist you have selected

ERP is the most complete software solution among the company's digitalization tools. There are several hundred publishers. In other words, the integrator who explains to you that he is competent in the installation of any ERP is not necessarily the most reliable...

To be sure to complete your ERP project, call on a specialist. At Captivea, we focused on a single solution: Odoo. Captivea is one of the integrators certified Gold by the publisher.

We consider this software package to be among the most efficient and complete on the market. You can also consult our white papers on this subject. We have focused on this solution to be able to offer you an expertise that will find a solution adapted to each of your needs. 


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