How to choose your SugarCRM Partner?

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SugarCRM is a solution that has been gaining momentum in recent years (Gartner itself has qualified SugarCRM as a visionary!). More and more SMEs, ETI or Key Accounts decide to equip themselves with the famous open source CRM software to manage their commercial and customer service processes.

But the success of a SugarCRM project requires a good choice of the service provider that will accompany you, because traps can be numerous on your way. Here are some rules that will help you select your SugarCRM partner.

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Does he master CRM issues?

The SugarCRM partner you choose should obviously be able to fully understand your CRM issues. It is therefore necessary that he has a strong experience in the field, if possible with companies similar to yours. He must have known the SugarCRM tool long enough to be able to adapt the solution to the needs of your business, whether you are an SME or a large account.

A good SugarCRM partner must be able to challenge your specifications or, if it does not exist, to help you build it. Similarly, he must be able to understand the issues of the sales manager, marketing director or customer service, and help them refine / formalize.

A good CRM project manager must be able to discuss business strategy or marketing with you.

What is his technical know-how?

A good integration of SugarCRM with your information system (see my dedicated post on this topic: How to integrate SugarCRM well with your IS?) is fundamental. To do this, your SugarCRM partner must have a solid general knowledge of IS: connecting with your applications, offer a hosting that complies with your choice of infrastructure, develop connectors ad hoc, etc.

Ask him for the Use Cases and call the CIOs of the references he will give you (and the others too!): They will be able to tell you if his technical abilities are in line with his promises, and if they have been able to "rest easily "on the SugarCRM support proposed by the integrator throughout the project.


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What methodology does it propose?

We come here to the proposed methodology. The project that the service provider offers you is essential. Whether it's your first CRM project or a CRM migration, whether you are looking for a simple scope (commercial follow-up) or complex (Marketing, Sales, Service ...), it must offer you an adapted implementation approach.

Even more: your SugarCRM partner must help you define the conditions for project success beyond integration. How to accompany the CRM change in the company? How to engage all sales people and users in an efficient CRM change management?

Show yourself to be ruthless on these methodological aspects! The success of your SugarCRM project depends on it.

What is its link with the company SugarCRM?

Finally, last but not least, check its proximity to SugarCRM. Is it one of the partner often cited by the publisher? Does he have an active role in the SugarCRM open source community?

Better yet: do the publisher and the partner organize events together? And if your project is large enough, does the provider have the ability to bring the publisher SugarCRM to your appointments?

Without going so far as to restrict your choice to pure players (because if the provider you choose also knows vTiger or Microsoft Dynamics, it is a strength in its ability to analyze CRM issues), the publisher's recognition is a strong guarantee.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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