Salesforce versus SugarCRM

The battle of the titans

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The choice of a CRM is extremely strategic. This is not the type of software that is benchmarked lightly. Among the recurring questions: what is the best CRM software for my company? Should I choose a leading solution such as Salesforce or a more visionary solution such as SugarCRM?

It's a difficult choice, we agree. So let's look at the main factors that differentiate Salesforce from SugarCRM together.

Positioning far away

Positioning far away

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant*, Salesforce has been positioning itself as the market leader in sales force automation solutions for the past decade. Indeed, the solution is well anchored in the landscape.

Created in 1999, it is now used by thousands of customers around the world. Salesforce offers all the basic features you would expect from a CRM: managing accounts, contacts, opportunities, pipelines and sales forecasts. Choosing Salesforce means choosing security, but perhaps at the expense of dynamism.

SugarCRM is placed in the category of "visionaries". Gartner explains this by several factors: ease of use, strategic business vision and platform flexibility. Open-source and "à la carte" hosting are other advantages cited by the study organization. Choosing SugarCRM means choosing flexibility and innovation.

Two interfaces, two styles

Among the major differences between Salesforce and SugarCRM are the interface you will work on every day, as well as your sales people. This is really the point not to be overlooked when making your decision. An interface that would not be suitable for your teams could considerably reduce the appropriation rate of the software, which would be very harmful in the long term. As far as we are concerned, there are two schools.

Salesforce with a simple and classic interface that has changed little over the years. If members of your team have already worked with Salesforce in previous experiences, they should quickly regain their bearings.

SugarCRM focuses on modernity. The objective of the solution is to be as ergonomic as possible, in a minimalist and colourful style. Don't worry about adapting your less experienced IT employees, SugarCRM has opted for intuitiveness and ease of use. No need to search for long minutes in the menus: everything is at your fingertips, especially since the integration of the side panel.

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask professionals to demonstrate both tools to you. As they say: an image is better than a long speech.

Two interfaces, two styles

Mobility: a decisive factor?

As a sales manager, you know, better than anyone else, the importance of mobility. If your sales representatives are regularly on the road, it is strategic to give them access to the company's CRM. Once again, a comparison between our two solutions is therefore necessary.

Indeed, Salesforce and SugarCRM do not fight on a level playing field regarding mobility. Salesforce, for its part, obviously offers mobile applications and tablets to allow salespeople to connect remotely and access their data. Nevertheless, be careful! There is no offline mode at Salesforce. Your teams are therefore dependent on the 4G network.

At SugarCRM, this offline mode exists. It therefore allows employees in a nomadic situation to enter their visit reports or any other useful information in real time. If the area is not covered, or too partially to be able to establish a quality connection, don't worry! Thanks to the offline mode, the information previously entered will be synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is restored. It is therefore a real efficiency gain for your teams.

In conclusion, while SalesForce and SugarCRM are both part of the top CRM, the solutions differ in many ways: "Sales centric" (Salesforce) vs. "customer centric" (SugarCRM), proprietary software vs. open-source software, complex pricing vs. single cost per license type.

And the list goes on! If you still have questions or would like to validate your choice, do not hesitate to call on a team of professionals!


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How to modernize the management of your sales force?

How to modernize the management of your sales force?